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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How To Spin Like a Professional: Juan Williams on the Race Riots in Ferguson

Juan Williams guests an editorial in the Wall Street Journal today.   It's a classic example of media spin because it begins subtly.  Williams admits that, yes, there are black criminals and yes, some civil rights leaders are making excuses for criminal behavior.  But then he begins his spin and it's a sight to behold.

 Let’s see how Juan does it, because he’s a professional; and he does a professional spin job.

He refers to the “imbalance of political power” of what he refers to as racial groups but by which he means Blacks. How this kind of political blindness can persist in the face of a Black president, Attorney General and Cabinet members as well as many big city Mayors is astonishing.

Fears of angry Black mobs and race riots are dismissed by Williams.  He uses as an example the  reports of looting, not to mention riots and rapes during Hurricane Katrina and attributes it to “white paranoia.” That must mean that the Black mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, and the reporters who brought us these reports are all white paranoids. I will admit that the Liberal media hyped a lot of “facts” that were not true, and that they are mostly lily white, so maybe he has a point. However, to this day, Nagin stands by his claims of rapes. Must be that “white paranoia” peeping out from under Nagin’s deep tan.

He claims that “the Ferguson Police Department released its video [of Brown robbing a store and manhandling a little clerk half his size] in an apparent attempt to play to those fears.” Nice spin Juan. I heard that the tape was released at the request of the press. But the media was spinning the lie that Brown was a “Gentle Giant™” on his way to his grandmother’s house blissed out on the dream of starting college when he was shot in the back by a racist cop. That video humiliated the media’s narrative and made the race hustlers mad. Apparently Williams is still not over his snit.

That “possible struggle” Williams refers to led to a facial fracture the police officer suffered when Brown hit him in the face while struggling for the officer’s gun. Williams then refers to “… the policeman incredibly firing his gun six times, killing an unarmed teenager.” Reports have the Gentle Giant™ (6 ft. 4 in. 300 pounds) rushing back at the injured cop after taunting him. It took six shots to bring the Gentle Giant™ down, a number of them in the arm, the last in the head. The reference to six shots is the latest spin from not just Williams but the rest of the Liberal race hustlers. If they are going to shoot, the police are trained to shoot until the person who’s being shot at is down. Commentators like Williams, who have no responsibility for public safety can complain about the number of bullets it takes to stop a Gentle Giant who has just broken your face.  He’s never going to be in that position.

Oh, did you know that Brown was “unarmed?” That’s become as much of a cliché as the reference to John Kerry having served in Viet Nam. No one in the media refers to the man who was killed as  Mike Brown, his official title is “Unarmed Mike Brown, Gentle Giant™.”  Just like Trayvon Martin got a new name and became "Unarmed Trayvon Martin" with pictures of him as a thirteen-year-old angel.

And the last point about the media’s “Gentle Giant™” is that he’s a teen-ager. Yes, someone who’s 18 is technically a “teen.” Somehow the press doesn’t refer to the members of the military who are under 20 as teens very often. Referring to Brown as a teen helps create the press narrative of the innocent black child gunned down by the evil racist bigoted cop.

From there Williams moves his narrative to the national level, the table having been set, the villains identified as white racist paranoids keeping blacks from jobs in the police forces and unions.  The victims simply seeking justice by marching in the streets.  Those references to dysfunctional Black culture at the beginning of his article totally forgotten.  And that how it’s done by a professional.

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