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Saturday, August 16, 2014

So far the Obama Presidency has been a slow motion disaster. Now things are speeding up.

It took a while to get rolling. Beginning with the “stimulus” that, to the surprise of those who believe bumper stickers, did not provide shovel ready jobs. So the economy was left to heal itself. It did so by shoving lots of people out of the work force … permanently.  It's in the process of decimating the Middle Class.  What do you do when there’s no chance of getting a job and you’re young. I dunno. Move to Ferguson and try a little looting? And what is the answer when the black community starts blaming the "Kenyan" black president? We’re about to find out.

Meanwhile Democrats focused like a laser beam on taking over America’s health care system. The image of competence in this sphere exploded when the website blew up. The real disaster, the greatest part of the destruction is not here yet, but it’s getting closer.

The Federal Reserve thought it would be a great idea to create so much money (Qualitative Easing they called it) that everyone would be a millionaire and bankers would have garage sales as they peddled their extra money. That didn’t happen but the effect of printing a few trillion dollars is beginning to be felt in the grocery store, and soon it will spread to the rest of the economy. We won’t be using wheelbarrows to take our money to the grocery store; we use credit cards which makes the trip a lot easier.

Meanwhile in another part of the forest, the group of people Obama called the “JV Team” suited up and decided that it would be fun to rid the world of everyone who didn’t bow to Allah. It’s attracting recruits from all over the world who like nothing better than to have their kids hold up the severed heads of their enemies. As a plus, they have revived the ancient practice of crucifixions. When a large group of their intended victims managed to escape from their mountain refuge, Obama took a victory lap, announced mission accomplished, and played another round or two of golf.

Despite assurances to the contrary, Ebola appears to be spreading. Perhaps nature is heeding the call of the Greens who have called for reduced population by depopulating Africa … or perhaps other parts of the world. We’ll soon know.

And in Europe it’s hard to tell the difference between the old USSR and modern Russia. Mr. Putting seems to see the loss of the old empire so much that he’s busy working to recreate it. The Ukrainian military may be just strong enough to begin World War 3. It's not strong enough to finish it.  Stay tuned, news at 11.

And the “leader of the free world?” He’s checked out. There are a few more parties to host, some golf to play and fundraisers to attend. But for the rest, don’t bother him. He’s got his eye set on a great house in California.

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