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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Obama's White House Guest List

Bud Norman comments about the selective outrage of the Left. Hot and bothered about the Israelis defedning their homes against a rain of rockets aimed at their women and children, a ho-hum pass for the Arabs and Islamist thugs offing Christians and each other in far greater numbers. In fact you will have to go to specifically Christian sources to find more than the occasional brief mentions of the "ethnic cleasing" of Christians in the Middle East and Africa. We get the sneaking suspiction that Liberal/Left America really approves of it.

Turning to Obama's White House

The guest list at that fancy White House gathering of African leaders is a similarly curious example of selective outrage. Among those getting the red carpet treatment and presidential promises of massive wealth redistribution are Equatorial Guinea’s Teodoro Oblang Nguema Mbasago, fresh from a killing spree that left all of his prominent political opponents dead, and Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh, who advocates a policy of beheading homosexuals, along with the usual assortment of seedy Afro-Marxist thugs who have made such a mess of post-colonial Africa. These elegantly embossed invitations to the White House were handed out by the same administration that routinely derides its domestic political opponents as extremists bent on dirty air and dirty water, and who are implored in faux-hip-hop fashion to “Just stop hatin’,” and it strikes us as odd. Even the most stubborn American adherents of the millennia-old notions about same sex-same marriage draw the line well short of beheading homosexuals, and thus far even the kookiest musket-weilding and tricorner-hat-wearing “tea party” types haven’t offed anybody.

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