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Monday, January 11, 2016


A Nation of Fly Larvae (Fred on Everything)

I’m going to move to Mexico. I swear I am. Except that I already have. Well, I’m going to move there twice. It’s to get away from Hussein Obama.

Who is this President? How did we get him? Does he have anything in common with me? Is there anything even American about him? He is an African of Islamo-Indonesian culture, deeply hostile to America and white people and ruling with a dictatorial style more like that of Shaka Zulu than Thomas Jefferson.

Yet I confess to a grudging admiration. He, belonging to one of the virile peoples—blacks, Hispanics, and Moslems–has keenly diagnosed the weakness of American society:

There is no one who will say ”No.”

The Supreme Court? Nine corpses in a wax museum. Congress? If they all poisoned themselves nobody would notice. Though it would still be worth doing.

A President with brass balls—and god knows Hussein Obama has them—can do anything with an executive order. Anything. And we obey. “Yass, Bwana. What you say, Bwana.” Gun control? No problem. The Constitution? Say what? Wars anywhere and everywhere? Congress can read about them in the papers. It is astonishing.

More correctly, the European population–pale, white, feeble things wriggling like fly grubs in the corruption of a putrefying body politic—obey. Blacks and Moslems do not allow themselves to be pushed around. They are, whatever else they are, virile. They look to be history’s winners. Though not civilization’s.

Hussein Obama is something new, a President completely unconcerned with law, the principles of American governance, or the wishes of the majority. Most presidents engage in corruption and pillage within the Constitution, or at least within commuting range of it. This is the American way: Malfeasance, but within the rules. There are proprieties. .

Hussein simply ignores the rules. He has no affection for European culture because he has no roots in it. Africa did not develop democracy or constitutional government, perhaps because doing so would have required writing. The Moslem world is equally dictatorial. Neither culture is much given to abstractions. Obama wants what he wants. Period.

Now he wants gun control. This means disarming people he doesn’t like. Controlling guns doesn’t prevent crime. Mexico has strict gun control Does anyone get shot in Mexico?

Nah. Never.

Guns? What have guns got to do with our problems? I, having a romantic attachment to the far-off days of constitutional government, law, low crime, and what was once called “civilization,” find myself asking:

When murders are overwhelmingly committed by blacks and Hispanics, do we have a gun problem, or a black-and-Hispanic problem?

When terrorism is overwhelmingly committed by Moslems, is the problem Islamophobia, or Moslems?

When malls are looted and cities burned overwhelmingly by black mobs, is the solution to outlaw malls and cities, or to control the mobs?

When Moslems mutilate their daughters, is the problem Patriarchy, or Moslems? (I have daughters. For such mutilation there should be a death penalty.)

We know the answers to the foregoing. However, there is the now-standard American approach of refusing to admit the obvious nature of problems. This precludes solving them. The downstream consequences are going to be fascinating.

I know, Hussein knows, we all know, that outlawing guns means disarming whites. Nobody is going to go into the depths of darkest Chicago and try to de-gun the occupants. As the looting and burning and destruction grow, as the looters and burners realize that no one is going to stop them, wise people want guns, for when. This will not have a happy ending.

Read the whole thing.

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