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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


State of the Union and Obama's disastrous foreign policy

It looks like the president is going to spend part of his State of the Union address trumpeting his foreign policy “leadership.” I find this baffling. Does he really believe the world has become safer and more secure since he took office?

Has he turned a blind eye to the Islamic State-inspired attacks in Philadelphia, San Bernardino, Paris and more? The continued existence of ISIL in Syria and Iraq despite his limited military effort to “defeat” them? The resurgence of the Taliban and al-Qaeda and the rise of ISIL in Afghanistan? Iran’s repeated violations of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions and its continued efforts to incite instability throughout the Middle East? China’s provocative island reclamation efforts? North Korea’s alleged testing of an even more powerful nuclear weapon? Russia’s continued occupation of Ukraine and their growing presence in the Middle East? Cuba’s refusal to end its human rights violations? Or our fraying relationships with key allies like Israel and moderate Arab Gulf states?

If he truly thinks we have a winning foreign policy, the president’s machinations are ignorant, bordering on delusional. America’s voice and more importantly, actions, are largely dismissed abroad. Foreign aggressors have taken this era of American weakness to do as they please, which has resulted in a more dangerous and anarchic international system.

Read the whole thing.

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Remember that he was raised and nurtured by a succession of people who either were Third Worlders, or have that outlook. (The faculty lounge of any large university is an example.) The result is that he merges a hate for the Real America with a delusional view of the world seamlessly. I know one congressman, not one of the usual critics, who considers getting through the next year without "provoking" Obama into creating a constitutional crisis which could permanently damage the country paramount. If you think about it, that view does explain a lot of the actions of the GOP leadership.
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