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Sunday, January 24, 2016



Sam Francis called the American conservative movement a collection of “beautiful losers”. To look at them now, a more apt descriptor would be “sore losers”. The meltdown of the mandarins of Conservatism Inc. over at National Review about Donald Trump can only be seen as the last gasp of an increasingly irrelevant “movement”.

The heirs of Buckley would love nothing more than to exercise his inquisitorial powers over Donald Trump and the growing “Alt-Right” movement. Over twenty “movement Conservatives” penned diatribes against the Donald in the latest issue of National Review. For the most part, these barely rise above the level of “democrats r real racists guyz!” to denunciations of “nativism”, and faux patrician concerns about “vulgarity” as defined by Leo Strauss (I’m looking at you Kristol). What we are seeing is no more than the death throes of Conservatism Inc. in a wild temper tantrum.


The truth is, publications like National Review and the entire “Conservative” movement are nothing more than sinecures for a b-squad managerial elite on the Potomac. Like the collapse of the Soviet Union, the collapse of Conservatism has been swift and unexpected. They’ve even lost the RNC (Ha!) But with the destruction of this false opposition to our reigning liberal hegemony, a new opposition can take hold.

That’s where we come in. Donald Trump has been a great beginning towards restructuring politics in the United States. All in the last year we have seen moves towards nationalism, and even a nascent whiff of a white “identity politics”. Seizing the mantle of opposition brings new possibilities and new dangers. Of course, this is the only way forward.

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