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Friday, January 08, 2016


‘Catfishing’ over love interest might have spurred U-Va. gang-rape debacle

Ryan Duffin was a freshman at the University of Virginia when he met a student named Jackie.

Both teenagers were new to campus in September 2012, and the pair quickly became friends through a shared appreciation of alternative rock bands such as Coheed and Cambria and the Silversun Pickups. Early on, Duffin sensed that Jackie was interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with him. Duffin valued her friendship but politely rebuffed Jackie’s advances for more.

Just days after he met her, Duffin said, he was goaded into a text message conversation with a U-Va. junior named “Haven Monahan,” whom Jackie said she knew from a chemistry class.

What followed was what lawyers representing U-Va. associate dean Nicole Eramo described in new court documents as an elaborate scheme to win him over — a practice known as “catfishing” — that morphed into a sensational claim of gang rape at a U-Va. fraternity and a Rolling Stone story that rocked the U-Va. campus and shocked the nation.

This disaster was brought to you by the media, disseminated by the media and quietly buries by the media once it was shown to be a hoax.  But it had all the hallmarks of Liberal and feminist themes so it was accepted as "fact" and lives were ruined.

Keep in mind that after the lies were printed, the press ran with it, the UVA Administration believed it, feminist women on the UVA campus made life hell for men on campus,  and the fraternity accused of these "crimes" was placed under siege.  

And all these accessories after the fact are just allowed to walk away and say, never mind, and go on with their lives. 

There will be a reckoning.  

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