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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Der Spiegel Shows What the German Ruling Class Thinks the People

Chaos and Violence: How New Year's Eve in Cologne Has Changed Germany

Der Spiegel has a lengthy article about the violence perpetrated by “North African” youths in Germany – on New Year’s Even in Cologne.  The article addressed the attacks with a primary focus on politics.  The authors describe opponents of unlimited immigration as right-wing crazies who are “happy” that the attacks occurred.  Nowhere is there an indication that the policies that they championed have gone horribly wrong.  Like Obama describing one of his policy disasters, they assume the role of detached bystanders instead of active participants.

A lot happened on New Year's Eve in Cologne, much of it contradictory, much of it real, much of it imagined.
They don't tell what was contradictory.  Let me provide a clue:  the press refusing to report until forced to.  What was imagined?  The groping?  The assaults?  The thefts?  The rapes?  The identity of the criminals?

“Some was happenstance, some was exaggerated and much of it was horrifying. In its entirety, the events of Cologne on New Year's Eve and in the days that followed adhered to a script that many had feared would come true even before it actually did. The fears of both immigration supporters and virulent xenophobes came true.”

And what were the fears of the immigration supporters?  Tell us please.  We don’t recall.  Only opponents of inviting a million Muslim refugees, mostly North African youths, expressed fears that it would not go well. 

“For some, the events finally bring to light what they have always been saying: that too many foreigners in the country bring too many problems along with them. For the others, that which happened is what they have been afraid of from the very beginning: that ugly images of ugly behavior by migrants would endanger what has been a generally positive mood in Germany with respect to the refugees.”
Here we have "some" who were opposed to the influx of foreigners and "others" who were afraid of the results.  The way the Spiegel's tells it no one saw this ending happily.  Who were those “some” who predicted the problems?  The ones you label virulent xenophobes?  And who were the “others” that were afraid of ugly images?  And that “generally positive mood” you speak of.  Was that real, or were the images that the press chose to show designed to further the meme that bringing in a million Muslim "youths" was a really good idea?

“The pressure built up by the images and stories from Cologne make it virtually impossible to continue on as before. That, too, is a paradox: The pressure would be no less intense even if not a single one of the refugees and migrants who arrived in 2015 were among the perpetrators.”
Are you implying that resistance was building among the ordinary German people about an influx of immigrants who did not wish to become good German burghers?  Who had a foreign culture and morals and were not terribly interested in adopting the culture and morals of the people they settled amongst?

“New Year's Eve marks a shift because it crystallized a widespread unease with state inaction.”
Where have I been reading about that?  The press has been telling stories about the wonderful welcome that the refugees have received: food, clothing, shelter, and welcome banners held up by happy Germans is the impression that the media proclaimed.  Unease?  Really?  Not the way the press told it.  

“The happenings on the square between the Cologne Cathedral and the main train station was as symbolic as they were real: symbolic of the state's powerlessness in the face of chaos and crime.”

Really?  The German state powerless in the face of chaos and crime?  Not really.  But if the state refuses to admit that they have a problem, the problem will fester and get bigger.  If the state turns a blind eye to it and the press refuses to acknowledge it, eventually Cologne on New Year's Eve happens.

Which brings us to what Der Spiegel refer to sarcastically as the “Lying press.” 
“All established media have been confronted with the same phenomenon. In Germany, there is a stable minority that is convinced that the country's broadcasters, newspapers and magazines are controlled by dark powers and have agreed to suppress bad news about foreigners so as not to endanger the political project of welcoming refugees.”
A favorite strategy of the press is to identify people they don't like as crazy.  So here we have Der Spiegel claiming that opponents of importing millions of North Africans think that there are "Dark powers behind it."   There may be a few, but most Germans - like people everywhere - are not conspiracy theorists. They recognize horrible political mistakes when they see it.  And that “minority” that believes the press lies is 41% of the German people.  There are not that many things that 41% of the German people agree on.

Referring to the temporary press blackout of the mass crimes committed by those North African youths:

“Julien F. Weikinnes, wrote: "What would have happened if 100 Pegida followers had raped 300 Muslims? There would probably have been a breaking news alert and a live story from the Cologne train station."

Would Der Spiegel like to deny that?  

“Yet according to a survey conducted by Allensbach, 41 percent of Germans believe that critical voices are suppressed when it comes to the refugee issue. On the right wing of the political spectrum, that belief has become a certainty.”

That's a majority of Conservatives and a huge number on both sides of the political spectrum 

And here’s what Der Spiegel writers think about those who have been proven right:
“Right-wing populists and extremists are positively celebrating what happened in Cologne as confirmation of their long-held beliefs about foreigners and their allies with the "lying press." Whether PI-News (PI stands for "Politically Incorrect") or Pegida, whether AfD or the neo-Nazi party NPD, whether the right-wing party ProNRW or the newly converted far-right snobs: All of those who wrote about Cologne reveled in the incident.”
Translation: the people who were proven right about the wave of un-assimilated immigrants, about the crime and the rapes, are dismissed as right wing populists, extremists, neo-Nazis, and far-right snobs.  And they’re “reveling” in the way that German women have been groped, robbed and raped.  Right!  And the natural reaction to this crime wave is characterized as “nonsense”, not true, inaccurate, and exaggerated.

Before you think that New Year's Eve in Cologne is a new phenomenon:  
“In Cologne alone, more than 11,000 people have been robbed in this way in the last three years. According to police, all of the perpetrators have been male and in the majority of cases, they have come from North African countries such as Morocco and Algeria. The authorities are also investigating groups of men from central Africa and Kosovo. One person involved in these investigations has said most of the men have been in Germany for quite some time but only have a "tolerated" immigrant status, meaning officials could not confirm their country of origin due to missing travel documents. This milieu has little to do with the refugees who have arrived in Germany recently after fleeing places like Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.”

So we have 11,000 robberies in three years in Cologne by males who are from North Africa.  And the Spiegel thinks that this crime wave was not committed by recent refugees is good news!  It’s incredibly horrible news.  The truth is that many North African immigrants who have been in Germany for years have created a sub-culture, a criminal class.  A culture what is going to be stronger, younger and more violent than the ones that came before.  

The events in Cologne have been a wake-up all to people across Europe and the US.  But if you were expecting apology from the culture that nurtures Der Spiegel, you would be sadly mistaken.


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