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Friday, January 15, 2016


Why libs oppose Bernie's call to have cops investigate campus rapes

We know why liberals do not want cops investigating accusation of rape, because most of them are false.

How do I "know" this?

The Duke lacrosse case.


Mattress Girl.

Plus numerous other times women perjured and got away with it. Seldom are cops allowed to investigate because that may lead to perjury charges.

But you must understand, feminists do not care if women are raped. Look at the New Year's Eve rapes of thousands of women because they are white Christians by hordes of Muslim men. The attacks were coordinated and aimed at striking fear in Europeans. It is 700 AD again.

Nary a peep from any American liberals about that real Culture of Rape. It does not push their anti-American, anti-Western agenda.

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