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Saturday, January 23, 2016


Trump's not a Conservative, big whoop!

Trump’s bona fides as a Republican are almost beside the point.

Trump satisfies the anger of the high school graduate in flyover country who reads about the goings-on in academia supported by his taxes.  He’s loving the way Trump brought up the Clinton sex scandals which Jeb! is too polite to mention.

The reason that nothing seems to stick to Trump is because this isn’t about Trump, it’s about the Democrats who are nothing but Left Wing fringe with no center, and the Republicans who are afraid to stick up for the middle class white guy because they’ll be called racists.

Here's a called to Rush Limbaugh - who fits the demographic that both parties are fighting for:
CALLER: Hey, Rush. Longtime listener, first-time caller. I'm in my twenties, and I am a Trump supporter, and I guess I'm also a member of what people are calling the alt right. And I just wanted to, like, explain for maybe a lot of your listeners why Donald Trump is so popular, despite the consternation of many in the conservative movement and the Republican Party. And just really simply, the Democrat Party for the past half century has been openly the party of the fringes, right? The party of disaffected minority voters, black, Mexican immigrants, single women, feminists, all these things, homosexuals in the past, you know, ten years. And the Republican Party, whether it wants to admit this or not, has become the de facto party of white men. The only meaningful difference, though, is that the Republican Party is not allowed to appeal to its own constituency, while the Democrat Party obviously does nothing but appeal to its own constituents. So when you look at the political scene in America like this, Donald Trump not only becomes understandable, but he kind of becomes inevitable.

And that's it.  The Democrats have the black vote, the illegal immigrant vote, the La Raza vote,  the Marxist professor vote, the Mattress Girl vote, the crazed Feminazi vote, the LGBTQLSMFT vote, the newspaper editorial writer vote, the network anchor vote, the George Soros vote, the Muslim Jihadist vote, the Hollywood vote, while dissing white Christian males and the women who love them.  

And the Republican political class want to be just like them.  At National Review they think outsourcing factory jobs to China and Mexico is good because of "comparative advantage"  will appeal to the guy whose factory was just closed.

Is it any wonder that Trump is winning?

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