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Friday, January 22, 2016


This Is What Multi-Cultural Diversity Looks Like

Three North African men attempted to stone two male to female transsexuals to death in Dortmund, according to local Police.

“The two victims were walking together in the early hours of Monday morning when they were approached by three North African men while walking down the Leopoldstrasse. The men attempted sexual advances, but upon realising the victims were transsexuals began attacking them.

“Elisa, 37, and Jasmin, 50, reported to police that the men initially hurled insults in Arabic toward them and spoke of their need to stone (to death) ‘such persons.’ Presseportal has published the police report which says the victims responded with insults which escalated the situation to violence. The trio of men then began to throw rocks at the victims.”

Because nothing secures fundamental human rights of the LGBTQ&c. crowd than importing people who come from countries are areas where LGBTQ&c. individuals are routinely executed...

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