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Friday, May 28, 2021

How Jonathan Chait is lying


Chait is weaseling away from the fact that the Corporate Media has been lying about the Wuhan virus from the beginning, primarily because of their hatred of Trump.  They used the virus as a weapon.  Like all Leftists, they never cared about the people.  They used the millions of dead as a weapon by attributing the pandemic to Trump.


"...his [Trump's] job was to protect Americans from the virus, and he failed." 
This is an incredibly stupid statement even for a political partisan like Chait.  But make no mistake; this was the Democrat playbook in 2020.  This was the Biden message.  This was the Corporate Media narrative.  Because the Chinese unleashed a deadly virus on the world, it was Trump's job to stop it.  Because it swept the world, it was Trump and Trump alone who failed.  Chait would have you believe that no Americans would have died of the Wuhan flu if Hillary had been President.  Millions would have died in Asia and Europe, but America would have been spared because of Hillary.  

Recall that the CDC was telling the American people at the beginning that the virus was not dangerous, the Joe Biden was calling Trump a xenophobe for restricting travel from China, that Pelosi was inviting people the Chinatown even as the virus arrived on our shore.   Chait reminds me of the smug jerk who tells us that he would have given God some pointers if he had been present at the Creation. 

Chait says not a word about the development of the vaccine which Chait, the media, the CDC and the Democrats all claimed could not be produced in less than years.  

Early on Chiat claims that Trump lied about the origin of the virus, a ridiculous statement.  The only people who tried to deny the origin of the virus were White House reporters who attacked trump for stating correctly that the virus came from China.  Remember that White House “reporter” who asked Trump why he called it the China Virus?  

Exhibiting the same confidence in their own intellectual superiority that caused the Corporate Media to ridicule the idea that the Wuhan flu could have escaped from the Wuhan lab that was experimenting on bat viruses to make them more lethal, Chait makes several other categorical assertions of “fact” he has that are simply his simpleminded opinion. 



         “This piece correctly refuted the claim that the virus was deliberately manufactured as a biological weapon.”   Chait doesn't know where the virus came from but he's sure that a Chines Communist contrtolled virology law could not possibly be working on a biological weapon.  

·        Chait cites an anonymous source in a slanted Times article.

“A report that Trump officials were pressuring intelligence staffers to substantiate the lab-leak theory presented evidence for both sides. “  To support this he cites an anonomous source in a NYTimes article also know for having printed enenomouse sources claiming to have seen the pee pee tape.  

And her's the point of the entire exercise:  

 “It is true that most of these outlets were more faithful to the truth than Trump, whose gusher of lies vastly exceeded whatever false claims trickled out of the liberal media.” 

Chait is setting the table for the Corporate Media to claim that they lied because Trump made them do it.  

Despicable does not bein to describe it. 

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