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Saturday, May 22, 2021

How the Media Lied About the Origin of the Wuhan Virus to Hurt Trump

 This is a great thread by Drew Holden about the Media lying about the Wuhan virus escaping from the Wuhan Virology Lab because they hated Trump and anything that came from the Trump administration had to be attacked.

It's also a great example of why the Media is both distrusted and hated by people who have the ability to think for themselves.  Imagine believing that a deadly virus coming from Wuhan, finding out that Wuhan is the home of a lab that experiments on ways of making viruses deadly, and then insisting that the lab - the same lab that works with deadly viruses  - could not be the source of the virus killing millions throughout the world could not possibly be the source.  That it's a "conspiracy theory."  

Read the whole thing. Some excerpts:

Do we know for certain how the pandemic started? No, and it isn’t clear that we ever will. I tried to give a lot of leeway on this one given that.

But as you can see, the narrative was strong, the dismissal of other ideas was near-religious, and now it’s as if it never happened.

Events like this do infinitely more to undermine America’s faith in experts and the media than anything Trump could ever do or say. And it’s all both self-inflected and avoidable. 

But too many people can’t seem to help themselves. And whole industries suffer as a result.

And, from a Drew Holden tweet from April 21, 2020: I have a sneaking suspicion some people are gonna look real silly for writing off the idea that coronavirus could‘ve come from a high-tech virology lab, run by a secretive autocratic regime, overseen by a bat expert studying coronaviruses, in the city where cases first appeared.…

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