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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

In touch with reality.


It really doesn’t take a scientific education to make reasonable assumptions.  If a new virus causes many people to become sick in Wuhan and you are asked to guess the source, which option would you pick:

  • 1.       A market in Wuhan that sells live animals, or
  • 2.       A laboratory in Wuhan that does research on dangerous viruses.

Without a degree in biology, chemistry, or math, would anyone pick #1? 

Follow-up question for extra credit: members of the media denounce anyone who picks #2 as a conspiracy theorist.  What is their motivation?

Has anyone ever calculated the odds of a deadly virus coincidentally originating in the same neighborhood as a virology lab doing related work?

How many neighborhoods have that kind of lab? 

When the evidence is murky and there are plenty of experts lining up on both sides, but one side is excessively concerned with shutting down the discussion, I tend to think that side is more likely than not to be wrong.

Senator Kennedy got Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins to admit that Biden’s administration never even consulted top health officials before they killed the probe the Trump Admin started to find out where COVID came from.

Smell a cover-up yet?  What does it take?

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