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Saturday, June 25, 2022

What the end of Roe vs. Wade means for Virginia

 In Virginia, Democrats have campaigned for the right of abortionists to sever the spinal cords of the 9-month-old fetus – babies about to be born - in the birth canal and suck their brains out.  That is the reality of late-term abortions.  The former Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, took it a step farther.  He said it’s a right for the baby to be delivered and then killed if the mother decides that her child should die.  If she’s not up to it herself, the medical doctor on standby will do it for her.  

With the decision of the Supreme Court to reverse Roe vs. Wade, the liquidation of babies at any stage of development, and even after birth, is not ended in Virginia.  It means that in states where human life is not so cheap, the baby is safer from mothers and abortionists.  It also gives the people of Virginia the right to decide that ending babies’ lives at some stage of development is neither moral nor proper. They can vote for representatives who agree.  At that point, babies in Virginia will be a little safer.   

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