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Thursday, November 03, 2022

Biden Asks For COVID Amnesty, Afghanistan Pullout Amnesty, Gas Prices Amnesty, Inflation Amnesty, Student Loan Amnesty, War With Russia Amnesty, Nuclear Armageddon Amnesty, And Weaponizing The FBI Against Political Enemies Amnesty


"We need to forgive each other for what we said to each other during COVID," said President Biden. "We also need to let bygones be bygones when it comes to how I handled COVID, mandated vaccines, pulled out of Afghanistan, made gas prices soar, caused massive inflation, made taxpayers foot the bill for student loans, allowed a war to start with Russia, got us on track for nuclear armageddon, printed money like there's no tomorrow and sent it all to Ukraine, and weaponized the FBI against my political enemies."

"I need amnesty for all those things, folks. C'mon man, it's not hard! Let's live and let live here," continued Joe Biden. "I also need amnesty for cussing out Peter Doocey, selling strategic military reserve oil to China, working shady deals and setting my son up with Burisma, not spending enough time and not raising Hunter right, all the racist things I've said, all the women I've sexually assaulted, and all the hair I've sniffed, and elections I've rigged."

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