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Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Questions about the Pelosi attack by a homeless illegal alien abound.

 The police report is given a lot of credibility.  So was the Russian “dossier,” pushed by the top intelligence officials of this country which indicated that Donald Trump was a Russian asset.  For the entire Trump administration, the suspicion hung around Trump that his election was stolen due to Putin’s secret support. 

When Covid broke out “experts” swore that it developed naturally and began in the Wuhan wet market.  That masks were vital to controlling the spread and that if you got The Shot, you would be protected.  If you we unvaccinated, you would die and kill grandma in the process. 

It’s come to this: the credibility of government officials, including the police, the security services, and even medical experts, are now legitimately questioned.  The police report may or may not be accurate, but they are the product of the San Francisco police and the same FBI that worked overtime to frame Donald Trump.

Who can you believe when lies abound?  

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