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Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Reply to the Anti-TRUMPers, we are NOT mind number robots.

I this were true, Trump would have no supporters. But it’s not what people who support Trump AND HIS POLICIES believe. 

The election in 2020 is not the primary issue. However, it’s not reasonable to believe that a man who campaigned from his basement managed to get over 81 million votes, beating the “Light bearer”, Barack Obama, who received just under 70 million votes – by over 11 million votes. That election was an experiment in absentee voting, a system that lends itself to higher levels of voter fraud than in-person voting. 

So, it’s not hard to understand that the people who supported that man who attracted huge numbers of supporters to his rallies have a problem believing that the man who spent much of the campaign in his Delaware basement was the legitimate recipient of the largest vote total in American history. 

But I will not relitigate the 2020 election except to say that millions of people from all political parties now have less faith in the fairness of American elections. 

The real issue is that the Trump administration changed several government policies that helped the middle class, people who had become disposable by the political elite. 

By encouraging the production of natural resources, the price of gas and oil declined, reducing the cost of living for most people. This also reduced dependence of America on foreign energy suppliers, countries that do not have our best interests at heart. 

Trade policies that once favored the export of jobs to China and Third World countries were altered, incentivizing American companies to bring jobs back to the US for American workers. 

The economy boomed, as did the stock market making many in the middle class richer. Inflation was low, and there was no question that Trump loved the country and its people. 

The culture was anchored in tradition, and there was no confusion about the identity of men or women. 

Meanwhile, under the surface, the Left told us that white people are irredeemable racists, men are oppressors, the most important right that women have is the right to kill their babies, and that a doctor can’t know what sex a baby is when it’s born. The latest person elevated to the Supreme Court cannot define what a woman is but is wise enough to interpret the Constitution. 

And now in the open, killers are given a chance to kill again, out on bail. New York’s subways are dangerous, as are Philadelphia’s streets. Los Angles and San Francisco are now known for their homeless encampments and streets littered with feces and used needles. The people who run these cities proclaim that his is what success looks like. 

This is what Trump derangement syndrome has given us. And it's why Trump has millions of people who want him back.

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