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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Paul Pelosi Attack – Follow The Evidence, Not The Media Spin


We've now gotten to the point where reports by the Corporate Media are suspect and probably more false than true.  They are very often propaganda designed to smear Republicans.


Most recently we’ve seen the Jusse Smollet hoax, and a slew of other politicized hoaxes. In some cases hoaxes mean the violence never happened (Smollet), in others there was violence but the motive was not as portrayed in the media, such as mentally incompetent delusional Jared Loughner’s shooting of Gabby Giffords (which had nothing to do with Sarah Palin’s electoral map, contrary to media claims).

Michael Brown was shot and killed, but not while his hands were up while pleading “don’t shoot” (Brown was shot because he punched a policeman and tried to take his service weapon). Trayvon Martin was not shot because he was wearing a hoodie (NBC News doctored the 911 call to make it appear Martin was targeted because of his race. Martin was shot while beating George Zimmerman Mixed Martial Arts style in what the jury found to be legal self defense). Those cases altered the trajectory of this nation’s politics based on media malpractice and malfeasance all tainted by politics.

Let's not forget the George Floyd hoax - the one where a small-time Black criminal - having swallowed a lethal dose of illicit drugs - was restrained by a white cop and died.  Global riots followed stoked by Black Lives Matter fraudsters.  Cities across the country burned and dozens of people were killed, as the press and the rest of the Democrats in the country cheered them on.  

Here's the media story so far:

 Just to get the media story straight, a nudist hippie that was part of a pro BLM commune walked in only underwear from Berkeley to the ultrarich neighborhood in San Francisco, entered Paul Pelosi’s mansion while predator invisible cloaked to avoid security cameras…

…wrestled with Paul Pelosi while a mysterious 3rd man watched, Paul went to the bathroom, called 911, returned to wrestle the hippie nudist, the unnamed 3rd man let police in, and then the hippie hit Paul with a hammer, because he saw a Kevin McCarthy news conference a year ago 

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