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Monday, November 07, 2022

RADICAL? You have no idea how radical Democrats are.


The Democrats focus on abortion, defining it as the most important freedom women have – the right to kill their babies – including the right to kill it after it’s born – shows just how radical they are. 

You didn’t realize that the right to kill your newborn was part of the Democrat party’s platform?  That’s because the corporate media hid this little gem by Ralph Northam, former Governor of Virginia, in answer to a question about third-trimester abortion.  He took it a step further and discussed what should be done after the baby was delivered.

“``The infant would be kept comfortable . . . and then a discussion would ensue.''  

Translation: the right to kill your just-born child is now yours. 

Defenders of infanticide complain that Northam was referring to children born with deformities.  But what’s a “deformity?”  Democrats use euphemisms for all sorts of things that most normal people know are barbaric.  They are now busy defining removing young girls’ breasts and vaginas as “gender-affirming care.”  For boys, “gender-affirming care” is cutting off penises and testicles and sewing in a vagina as a replacement.  They recently elevated a woman to the Supreme Court who asserted under oath that she did not know what a “woman” was.   This is Orwellian in the true sense of the word.    

Stevie Wonder was born blind; Helen Keller was both blind and deaf.  Deformed?  Downs syndrome children are “deformed,” as are those born with Spina Bifida and cleft palates.   One of the most common defects is a heart defect.  Deformities worth a death sentence are whatever they say they are.

Medical science can now detect abnormalities that were once hidden until the newborn developed and the defect manifested itself.  When you can lose your job for not getting a government-mandated shot or be defamed for knowing that men and women are different - and that you can tell the difference at a glance - you can be sure that “deformity” will soon mean anything that people who want to do away with their less-than-perfect child want it to mean. 

Please note: none of Northam's defenders support a law known as the "Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act."  Why?  They don’t want to protect the baby that survives a failed abortion.

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