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Saturday, November 05, 2022

Outlaw Mutilation


We look back on the primitive people of the past and sneer at their bizarre and monstrous atrocities – and rightly so. Even the civilized Romans recorded horrible acts by their elite – Emperor Elagabalus allegedly wanted to castrate himself and do some more cutting in order to become a Romanette, while Nero sliced the bologna off his boyfriend, a kid who was unlucky enough to resemble Nero’s dead wife. But here’s the thing – the Romans themselves wrote about this stuff recognizing that it was an atrocity. The Romans at least has a bit of moral clarity. But our savage elite celebrates the surgical disfigurement of disordered people, including kids. Our senile president sits with a male pretending to be a girl and cheers it on. Mutilation is a disgrace and it must stop.

Yeah, the word is “mutilation.” Chopping of penises and testicles, cutting off healthy breasts, trying to sculpt obscene parodies of male and female sex organs – these are mutilations. The Aztecs, no slouch in the atrocity department, would look at this in disgust. 

“Top surgery,” “bottom surgery” – they know it is all an abomination because they try to hide double mastectomies and castration behind benign euphemisms like “gender affirming care.” It’s a lie wrapped up inside a deception. And our garbage ruling class think this is a good thing. 

Oh, somewhere in their broken brains, they do understand that this is barbarity of the cruelest kind, so they always initially deny and obfuscate when confronted. “What? We don’t do gender-affirming surgery on minors! Why, just ignore our websites and videos where we brag about doing gender-affirming surgery on minors.” 

But then, when exposed – after they call you a terrorist for letting people know about the horrors they are inflicting on sick and vulnerable people – they shift into, “It’s actually a good thing, this thing we were denying doing just a couple minutes ago.”...

Read the whole thing.

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