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Wednesday, November 02, 2022

The Regime Media Has Earned Our Distrust

 For several days, the regime media put out a story about an underway-clad intruder who encountered an underwear-clad Paul Pelosi at 2:30 a.m. in his mansion. Paul Pelosi is known to have substance issues, having famously just gotten a DUI. Reports said he called the man his “friend” to the 911 dispatcher. Reports identified the alleged intruder as a nudist activist from a commune in Berkeley. There was a third-person involved who opened the door for the cops. Photos showed glass outside the house – kind of odd if this was a break-in. There was apparently no security, which is weird since Nancy Pelosi has not been shy about claiming those scary insurrectionists want to murder her. This was the story the regime media reported.

Of course, any fair-minded person would assume that this was a MAGA assassin, if that fair-minded person had gobbled a handful of mushrooms and washed them down with Everclear.

Now, weirdness in ‘Frisco is part of the City’s DNA – I grew up just outside it and it’s always been a freak show. But the event probably would have drawn little speculation, being just another manifestation of the crime in yet another Democrat metropolis, if the Democrats had not decided to try to blame conservatives for it.

Not surprisingly, since the facts the facts as initially reported were very odd indeed, people questioned the bizarre scenario being pushed by the regime media. And the skeptics were right to question the narrative, since the key facts recited above were radically changed from those in the previous reports. Now only the intruder is in his skivvies, and maybe not him either. There is no explanation of the “friend” comment – at this writing the official 911 tape has not been released, not has any security video or bodycam footage. That third party has now been erased. There is still no explanation regarding the lack of security. And suddenly this guy allegedly has some incoherent ramblings about 9/11, Jews and other stuff. 

In other words, the facts – reported by the regime media – that underlay people’s original skepticism have changed. The regime media admits – or claims, because who knows what the truth is – that key original facts that spurred the suspicion about the story were false. So, when the regime media complains that people do not believe the Official Approved Narrative™ they are really saying is, “You were wrong for believing what we told you.”

And, of course, the fact that the regime media is pushing the Democrat Big Lie that Republicans are somehow responsible for this guy – who, if you totally buy the regime media’s latest story, is a raving loony – means that the regime media deserves even less trust. But then, the regime media’s track record of Big Lies designed to support Democrat political agendas by slandering conservatives is long and shameful just in the last few years…

Trump was a Russian agent

The dossier and Trump’s pee tape

“Hands up don’t shoot”

Nicolas Sandman

Jussie Smollett

The rapist fraternity in Virginia

That race car driver with the racist garage pull

Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation

Yeah, but we should not only totally believe this story without question despite the ever-changing facts but we should hang our heads in shame and accept that we, as conservatives, are personally responsible for what this schizo freak allegedly thought.


The regime media has not earned our trust. The regime media does not get the benefit of the doubt. In fact, it has earned our active distrust both by its endless series of lies about us in other cases and by its, at best, inaccurate reporting and scummy slander in this one. The idea that because the FBI says something or the regime media says something we must take it at face value is a non-starter.

A crazy person was always a possibility, but that fit neither with the facts as the regime media initially reported them, nor with the rabid reaction of the Democrats and their media minions in trying to blame us for the events. You don’t get to tell a disgusting lie about a group of people – “Your right-wing views were the cause of this!” – and then expect the slandered to just accept the rest of what you say as if it is gospel. If this latest version of the facts is true, this is a nut who did what nuts do – and who would not have been able to do it if the Democrats themselves did not allow kooks to wander their streets. But as the red wave approaches, in their desperation, the Democrats seek to lie about us and blame us for him, and then act all huffy when we refuse to go along with it.

Many Republicans responded to the initial reports by condemning the crime and hoping for Pelosi’s swift recovery. Those of us who have been here before knew what was coming, though, and it did. The Democrats spit in the faces of those offering condolences, and lied about them causing this attack. Many of us expected that, and the left lived down to our expectations.

Well, we’re not sitting back and accepting the Democrat Big Lie. We’re not going to take the blame for what, if the latest story is accurate, is the result of urban Democrat policies that tolerate madness. And we are not going to be silent.

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