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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

God Shave the Queen


 Sure enough, in the wake of the mass shooting at a Colorado nightclub that caters to the homosexual crowd, the militants who use homosexuality as victimhood cover to help in the overthrow of our nation and society have indeed come out from the woodwork to hurl the accusations and attacks at us.

But the common denominator here is Judeo-Christianity, western civilization and America as founded as the existential threat and enemy that must be utterly annihilated. As more and more of a militant anti-American attitude becomes mainstreamed into government and the public discourse across all sectors of society, wrong-think will be punished. The concept of "you will be made to care" is well on its way to either being codified as law, or failing that adopted as a standing principle for employers and businesses. Bitterly ironic that someone like Jack Phillips has his life destroyed for the principle of refusing to serve someone because it goes against his beliefs while the very same principle will be used against you if you do not accept theirs. And yet, that is exactly what is happening.

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