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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Democrats' Bankruptcy

The Democrats are giving the American people the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel. In the primary season all kinds of weird and improbable people pop up and offer themselves as the next President. Names like Kucinich, Paul and Huckabee pop up. Members of the over-the-hill gang are perennial runners: Dodd and Biden come to mind.

But to have the Democrats offer us a choice between the wife of a disgraced former President and a man who has barely graduated from the Illinois legislature shows how bankrupt the Democrats are in offering leadership to the American people.
Here’s the headline from Obama's Character, Clinton's Experience Split Early-Vote States.

And here are the perceived issues:

Clinton, 60, is viewed as most experienced, best prepared to be president and most qualified to handle a range of important issues, including Iraq, terrorism, the economy and health care.

She also is viewed as the least honest candidate and less likely to produce change in Washington than Obama, 46. By contrast, Obama, is viewed by both Iowa and New Hampshire voters as an agent of change, the more honest candidate and most likely to tell voters what he thinks rather than what they want to hear.

Still, Obama, a one-term senator, gets the lowest grades on experience, with almost half of Iowa Democrats and 41 percent of those in New Hampshire saying he needs a ``few more years'' of political seasoning before he is ready to be president.

Clinton touts “experience” but people really understand that she and Bill are running for Bill’s third term. Obama promises “change” but people really understand that he is running as the “not Clinton” candidate.

What this election will be about is whether the American people want to give the Clintons another shot at running the country, this time with the shrew instead of the rapist at the head of the ticket.

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