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Friday, December 21, 2007

Shutting Up Christians in Canada

They said that if George Bush was re-elected free speech would be silenced, including free speech in Canada.

TORONTO, December 20, 2007 ( - Another Canadian publication has come under attack for its opinions through the agency of the government-funded Canadian Human Rights Commissions (HRC). Closely following an uproar in the media against government-sponsored censorship via HRC against Maclean's magazine and columnist Mark Steyn and an Alberta HRC judgment ordering Alberta news media to not publish any comments on homosexuality by a Christian pastor, Toronto's Catholic Insight magazine has reported they stand accused in an HRC complaint of "targeting homosexuals".

It's a dead give-away. If a country is named a "People's Republic" you know it is a Stalinist hell hole. When an organization has "Human rights" in its name you know they want to shut you up and keep you down.

From National Review Online:
Catholic Mag Latest Canadian Target [Stanley Kurtz]

Perhaps under the influence of the Steyn case, a Canadian Catholic magazine now reveals that it, too, is the target of a "human rights" complaint. While it will take time to form a judgement on this case, the initial report is disturbing. We may indeed be witnessing the death of free speech in Canada. Again, the problem here will not go away if the charges are dismissed. This is systematic intimidation, and it works regardless of the final verdict.

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