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Thursday, December 27, 2007

One Hed Fits All: It's always a "crisis" in housing, isn't it?

Mickey Kaus points to the news under a Republican administration. Whatever is happening is a "crisis." Price of housing goes down, it's a crisis. Price of food and clothing goes down, it's a crisis for farmers and clothing manufacturers. And there's never a silver lining. But if this happens when there's a Democrat in the White House and prices for food, clothing and shelter go down we have a triumph of government policy for the poor and the children.

Got it?

One Hed Fits All: Are you impressed with a drop in home values of 6.6% over a year? It doesn't seem like such a big correction, given the dramatic run-up in prices over the last decade or so. ... And don't declining prices make housing more... what's the word? ... affordable? ... This evening NBC Nightly News billboarded a "housing CRISIS." (Link available here.) I thought a "housing crisis" was when people couldn't find housing, not when it got cheaper. (NBC's expert: "It's very, very difficult to find any silver lining." No it's not.) ...

Kaus also reports on reduced illegal immigrants from Mexico and much more.
P.S.: Instapundit suggests that the press may (in the words of a reader) "scupper Main Street confidence" in the economy when all it really wants to do is scupper the Republicans. You'd think the Fed or someone would address this structural issue by creating a reliable way for reporters to sabotage Republicans directly, without having to go through the intermediate stage in which they drag the entire economy down too. Sort of an earned "path to partisanship": For every sensible, non-hysterical story about the economy's perturbations under a GOP president, Dem-leaning reporters get to apply an anti-GOP double standard in a non-economic story

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