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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some Thoughts on the Speech Police in Canada by Steyn

Re my chastisers at the Canadian Islamic Congress and their enablers at Canada's "Human Rights" Commissions, the great George Jonas weighs in:

They wouldn't have complained to the Human Rights Commission about Mark Steyn writing in Maclean's that many Muslims are "hot for jihad," say Nasseem Mithoowani and three fellow complainants, had Maclean's agreed to publish a rejoinder "from a mutually acceptable source."

No, this wasn't an offer to invest in the magazine or to buy ad space, but an exercise in free press, Islamic-style. "If Maclean's wants to publish articles alleging that many Muslims are 'hot for jihad,' " explain Mithoowani & Co., "it has to provide an opportunity to respond."

Has to? Well, actually no, not in this hemisphere. At least, not yet.

Here's more.

UPDATE: Free Mark Steyn

And the "horribly offending article..."

And here's a picture of the Grand Inquisitor herself.
Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch, Q.C.,
Canadian Human Rights Commission

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