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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Its a Quagmire!... Media Reports 6 Bogus Stories in 6 Weeks!

I thought that's what those editors and fact checkers were supposed to prevent.

On Tuesday, after there were already questions about this Diyala slaughter, TIME Magazine based their report on this one horrible massacre:

The horrible discovery in Diyala Province Monday was disturbing even by the standards of Iraq's running sectarian violence. Iraqi police said they found 20 decapitated bodies dumped near a police station west of Baquba, the capital of Diyala province.

It was a lie.
The 20 headless bodies story was a hoax.
It never happened.

** There was never any evidence of this event.
** There was no official report on this event.
** There were no photos of this event.
** The Iraqi media denied this event.
** The MNF-I officials denied the event.
** The Diala Security Operations Chief denied the event.

TIME Magazine has never corrected their bogus report.

Read the others.

Why is this important? Imagine that the Virginian Pilot reported that headless bodies were discovered in downtown Norfolk or that a traffic accident was caused by terrorists. And did this time after time, pretty soon people would be afraid to come to Norfolk, even if the reports were lies.

It's a good thing we have professionally trained Journalists with Journalism
degrees and Editors to bring us this high quality Journalism. Since their
professional skills are allegedly beyond reproach, I guess we have to blame
these "errors" on their insanely biased, dishonest agenda grinding.

The New York Post headline writes itself: Headless Bodies in Clueless Media

Oh, forget it, they'll just keep reminding us that Christians who feel that they are being targeted and shot are bringing it on themselves.

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