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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Virginian Pilot vs. Christians

There’s an old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto surrounded by hostile Indians with the punch line “what do you mean “we” white man?”

Sometimes you are just embarrassed by people who claim to be on your side.

Case in point: Donald Luzzatto, who is described as an editorial writer with The Virginian-Pilot. I put it that way because this is, after all, the Virginian Pilot and we can make no assumptions that anything written there has even a glancing acquaintance with the truth.

In his article mocking Christians for being somewhat sensitive following several decades of being kicked around and out of the public sphere, he identifies himself as a Christian. Again, this is the Virginian Pilot and anything you read there … well you know the drill.

So when he says: “The war is over. We won. Merry Christmas.” I want to respond like Tonto did: what do you mean “we?”

But having made the dubious statement that “I've never met anyone genuinely or actively hostile to Christmas” (insert Virginian Pilot disclaimer here) I’m assuming that includes never having read articles about or seen news reports of people and organizations who have and are actively trying to remove Christ from Christmas and symbols of Christian faith from the "public square."

Forgive me for pointing out that this is such a dubious statement that Donny is breaking one of the commandments. But the statement is so artfully worded that it goes right up there with Bill Clinton’s “meaning of “is.’”

In the spirit of Christmas, let us pray that people everywhere put away their hatred, even the hatred disguised as cynicism, and look to the redemption that is found in Christ whose birth we celebrate this season.

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