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Saturday, December 15, 2007

We need a respite from peace

Danny at Sampson Blinded is not a fan of the "peace process."

Here, however, is a short summary of our reasons to oppose the peace process.]

Peace process doesn’t lead to peace. Concessions to Arabs and imploring for peace only provoke them for the last-ditch fighting. That correlation is clear at least since the Oslo accords.

Peace process cannot lead to peace. If history is any lesson, peace is only achieved through crushing defeat of one’s enemy.

Peace process is highly unusual. Every other nation destroyed whatever aborigines happened to live on the land that nation chose to build a state.

Peace process is illegal. The original arrangement for the Jewish state included Transjordan, but the British illegally cut it off. Then the UN further partitioned Israel to accommodate Palestinian Arabs.

Peace process is immoral. Palestinian Arabs don’t constitute a nation. Offering them a state is a plot against Jews.

Peace process doesn’t offer safety. Jews need a secure state rather than a beach strip eight miles wide.

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“Danny” at Sampson Blinded is very much opposed to the “peace process.” I agree with the underlying assumptions of his argument although I think some of his reasoning is a little facile

The fact is that the Israelis and the Arabs have only been able to live in peace as long as the Arabs were dominant. In the Middle East, the few Jews were tolerated because they were a small and manageable minority in countries run by Arabs who followed Islam. Following the founding of the State of Israel, the universal dominance was broken and the despised minority now became a despised minority that was not longer under Arab control. That was intolerable to the Arabs and they were and are determined to end this state of affairs.

Several wars followed.

There is little reason to believe that this situation will end unless and until the United States establishes its hegemony over the region. The Iraq war is a necessary and fundamental basis for this condition. If the United States is able to create a stable and democratic Iraqi state it will have demonstrated its ability to establish the conditions for peace in the region. That is why, for the Jewish people, victory in Iraq is so vital. Should we fail, Israel will fail. If we succeed, Israel will succeed because the Arabs will be forced to acknowledge our ability to control their destiny.

The key to the future, not just of the Middle East but of the rest of the world, is found in Iraq. It’s a terrible challenge and burden that the Left seems incapable of seeing, so consumed are they with BDS. I doubt if most Jews in or out of Israel realize this.

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