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Monday, December 10, 2007

Virginian Pilot Reader letter

Mr. Ron Stone of Virginia Beach has been an attentive Virginian Pilot reader and the editors have rewarded him by printing his views. I don't know if they are totally congruent with the Pilot's editorial opinion but I suspect that there are many points on which they agree.

Karmic blowback

Dec 07 1:11 AM
Listening to and reading the hateful vitriol against undocumented immigrants, a person unfamiliar with U.S. history might conclude that we find ourselves innocent of any wrongdoing in this regard.

No mention is made about how we took this land by force from the indigenous population, took half of Mexico in a war we precipitated, used slaves to build our economy and sucked the life's blood (resources, labor, environment and right to self-determination) out of Latin America and elsewhere via free trade, economic restructuring scams and military interventions.

Seems illegal immigrants may be karmic blowback that our history of selfishness and greed has spawned.

Ron Stone
Virginia Beach

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Anonymous said...

Think I'll go whimper in the corner. I'm just overwhelmed by guilt.