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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Creation of a media legend

When you find a beautiful woman who you hate, you can generally make someone believe she’s a slut. Go back to you high school days. Remember the prom queen dating the quarterback? Whether they remained chaste as Romeo and Juliet, you can be sure that rumors had them engaging in monkey sex. It’s called projection; and in High School, it’s engaged in by teen aged adolescents.

Some people, like the Virginian Pilot’s editorial page editor- Donny Luzzatto - never grew beyond that stage. Neither did Dave Letterman … and most of the members of the mainstream media. It’s evident in their perverted attempts to impugn the reputation of Sarah Palin and her children.

But it’s also evident in Luzzatto’s smears of conservatives by carefully chosen op-eds by carefully chosen columnists like the despicable, discredited, fat loser Tim Rutten who chooses to link the holocaust museum killer to the “extreme right wing.” As others have pointed out in excruciating detail, the killer was a raging – and I mean “raging” – leftist, a self-described journalist complete with calls for socialism, and hatred all things right wing. But like Letterman, facts never get in the way of a good smear and Luzzatto is nothing if not a smear artist.

And if the Virginian Pilot continues to employ him they deserve the reputation as Tidewater's "Der Sturmer."

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