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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Firing Inspector General Walpin

Via Powerline:
Fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin has responded aggressively to new claims by the Obama administration that he was fired from his job because he was "confused," and, perhaps, senile. Byron York records Walpin's response, which is, to say the least, coherent, much more than we can say for Obama's ever-shifting stories about why he fired an Inspector General who caused trouble for a prominent supporter of the administration. Byron himself notes that Walpin exhibits no sign of any "confusion:"

A comment by Jack_Chaffin_MD has the State Run Media's reactions down:
Stage 1 will be: Lets not rush to judgement. The Administration may have a good reason. Lets wait for their explanation. Lets ignore what we know right now, I'm sure that there is a good reason.

Stage 2 will be: This man was a closet right-wing nut job. After all, he was on board during the Bush administration, so it must be so. He may have even been a veteran. And look, the Republicans are defending him. They are being so divisive and mean-spirited in accusing the President of something he would never do; demonstrate prejudice. These haters will do anything to hurt America and our President.

Stage 3 will be: Why should we waste broadcast time or print space on such old news? This thing happened months ago. These haters will hold on to their hatred, which can only be because our President is black.

For this to result in any consequences to Obama's reputation, there would have to be an actual media that would ask actual questions and seek actual evidence. There isn't, so we will attempt to point it out for a while, then it will be forgotten.

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