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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Higher Taxes - Gibbs: "We're going to let the process work its way through."

What's the Obama Press Corps supposed to do now?

From Hot Air:
It’s a laugh riot, isn’t it? Actually, they might be laughing more at Gibbs’s feeble way of ducking the question than The One’s looming broken promise, but in Gibbs’s defense, what’s he supposed to say? Obama pounded McCain for wanting to pay for health care by taxing benefits, rode into D.C. promising Change, and now he’s going to eat a crap sandwich by reversing himself because it turns out personal charisma doesn’t work on hard economic numbers. So Axelrod and company have to go out and face the firing squad and “explain” via stuttering half-answers why Barry O lied about this last year.

From the comments:
They are not laughing at him they are laughing with him.

and ...

We are going to let this process work it’s way through..


We are going to let this process work it’s way through…


Just what the he!! is Pravda west laughing at. Obama lied his a$$ off to get into office and these morons laughing protected and spun everything they could to get him there.

The people getting screwed in their little ideological fairyland that they have created are us and I can tell you I don’t see a dam# thing funny.

I really,really,really hate these a$$holes.

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