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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Letter to my congressmen and senators on health care.

Dear Senator/Congressman xxxx:

I am writing to oppose any further government interference in health care.

I do not want socialized medicine. I do not government mandated medical insurance. I do not want health care benefits taxed. I do not want the government telling doctors and hospitals what procedures to use. I do not want the ever-encroaching hand of government in my personal, private medical decisions. I do not want a Trojan Horse of government health insurance destroying the finest health care system in the world. Patients come from Canada and the rest of the world to the United States for high quality health care, not the other way around.

My opposition is both a philosophical position and a prudential one.

Philosophically I support the position of maximizing freedom. This country was founded on individual freedom. When individuals are coerced by the government into becoming groups, that reduces freedom and is a repudiation of the basis of America’s ideals.

From a practical perspective, government does not do anything well or efficiently. Government services, whether here in the United States or in other countries are inefficient and costly. Private enterprise – including our health care - is not only more efficient, but it is more flexible, more compassionate and more thoughtful.

Get your hands off my health care and leave me alone.



Toronto Condos said...

The finest? Really? I can see a lot of things wrong with it, starting with the cost which is the major fact that needs to be changed. Don't you think? Or do you love paying those hundreds of dollars each time you visit the hospital?

Take care, Elli

Moneyrunner said...

Elli my friend (and you are my friend),

I said finest and meant it. I did not say cheapest. Your complaint with American health care does not address the fact that it is better than anywhere else in the world. You are changing the subject when you switch the discussion to price.

The quality and availability of the US health care system is the reason why Canadians who can’t wait in a long line for their “free” health care come to the US for treatment.

There is no “free” health care. There is no “free lunch.” You pay for what you get in one way or another. If you want to control costs you can put a cap on them, including wages for health care workers. That leads to fewer and lower quality workers. Or you can ration health care. That leads to waiting lists and the ultimate cost saver: death.