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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The violence in Iran that you won't see in the MSM

Click on the link for Atlas Shrugs.

This is the price obama is willing to pay - in Iranian lives and American honor - to get a deal with the murdering mullahs in Iran.

Yet Obama & the EU, The UN & the Human Right organizations do not want to get involved Where is Jimmy Carter? Where is Obama? Where are the far left liberals? Where are the EU's labor unionists & the anti-war coalitions? Where are the types of Nelson Mandela, Gary SICK, Brezezinski, Fred Holiday, Barbara Slavin, Steve Kinser, Dilip Hiro, Mervin Zonis, Ted Kennedy, Andrew Young, William Sullivan & many more who cheered the Islamic revolution in Iran?

A pregnant woman was shot while participating in the peaceful mass rally in Tehran on Monday June 15th. She was rushed to hospital. Doctors preformed an emergency operation. The baby was found dead after extraction from her mother's womb. Later her mother died too.

Much more, with pictures at Atlas Shrugs.

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