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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Sides with the Mullahs

Team Obama decided some time ago to support the current rulers of Iran as part of a grand strategy. He believed that the Iranian mullahs would not give up a quest for nuclear weapons as long as the US government was antagonistic toward them. So he decided to acknowledge their legitimacy, reverse the previous administrations’ interest in their overthrow, and offer them unconditional talks.

Unfortunately, he miscalculated the Iranian people’s hatred of the regime.

Willing to work with the theocrats, he is now effectively hoping that the people will lose their battle for freedom. That, not fear of interfering, is what keeps Obama silent in the Iranian people’s struggle for release from theocratic tyranny.

Mark Steyn on The New Realism, has it right.

Indeed. The president's unprecedently deferential remarks toward Iran's "Supreme Leader" are inexplicable if you're sympathetic to the fellows currently being fired on but entirely consistent with a strategy of regime legitimization.

UPDATE: Atlas Shrugs has some pictures of the sickening violence in Iran. Warning: it's very, very graphic.

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