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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Removal of an inspector

Bill Wilson in the Washington Times ...
A telltale sign of misrule

In firing AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin last week, President Obama probably thought he and his wife, Michelle, were the ones "sending the message."

After all, dispensing petty political retribution on behalf of one's crooked friends is the "Chicago way," is it not? And the firing of Mr. Walpin would no doubt have lasting benefits for the Obamas, too, seeing as inspectors general throughout the federal government would get the message that "FOBAMs" - or "Friends of Barack and Michelle" - were not to be touched in the future.

What Mr. and Mrs. "Hope and Change" failed to take into account was that when you circumvent the law to protect political hoodlums, you have a way of becoming political hoodlums yourselves.

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1 comment:

thisishabitforming said...

I agree except for one thing, the "becoming political hoodlums" line speaks of the future. They are not becoming, they are. This is the third inspector general to lose his job, not the first of this administration.

I have to ask this, even though I know the answer; remember the outcry over Bush trying to fire a few Attorney's who served at the pleasure of the President and had not law authored by Senator Obama to protect them? Where is the outcry today, where are the investigations, where is the calling for the Attorney General's head????????? Where indeed??? There probably isn't any time left when you are too busy getting ready to broadcast from the White House.