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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Firing David Letterman

There is a debate going on about the wisdom of accepting David Letterman’s latest “apology” and moving on. Sarah Palin has accepted, and this is the proper thing for her to do. In doing so she shows class and demonstrates Christian forgiveness. It’s a good move politically. Now we have to ask ourselves what we should do.

We should get David Letterman fired.

What the "let it lie" proponents don't see is that Letterman is not just a comedian. He is part of the entire Democrat Sea in which the American people swim every day. They, the “entertainment” part of that sea, create a viewpoint that is terribly destructive to anyone who they don’t like – which includes all conservatives and most Christians. They transformed a very pretty, very popular, populist “just like us” governor of Alaska into a “ditz” who “looks slutty,” “can see Russia from her home,” and who is not the mother of five children who decided to carry a Down’s Syndrome baby to term, but the mother of a teen aged daughter who got “knocked up”. And they did it for political reasons.

And they will keep doing it until they get more than a hand slap. They will keep doing it as long as they are let off with by a faux “I’m sorry if you were offended” apology. Getting Dave Letterman fired will not solve all these problems, but it’s a good start.

Letterman is a shameless, relentless, sexist bully. His insults did not just attack Gov. Palin and her daughters. They were a warning to uppity women everywhere that scorched-earth destruction would be their fate WHILE ONLOOKERS LAUGHED if they EVER disagree with David Letterman and his pals on the Left. Uppity women not only can count on being attacked personally, but just in case they are brave enough to face attacks on themselves, they have been served notice that their innocent children now are hostages and will be harmed for their mothers’ political beliefs. THAT IS HOW CRIME FAMILIES OPERATE!!!

Little Miss Attila explains the problem with Letterman’s sexism best:

This is American Sharia, assholes. The practitioners of Sharia in Muslim countries are at least consistent in their contempt for women and in their practice of gender apartheid: you, on the other hand, want sexual slavery for some women in this country; others, whose opinions you prefer, can live in relative peace and freedom. You will allow it.

If you are giving women and girls the “gift” of not being badgered for being female, and threatened with misogyny and sexual assault, they are not truly free-only living in a state of grace, contingent upon performing the right tricks, spouting leftist verbiage like seals at Sea World, balancing balls on their noses in the hopes of getting fish thrown into their mouths.

And any woman who doesn’t understand this fundamental truth about the misogynists living among them could be in for a rude awakening at any point, because that attitude will infect those who harbor it.

I also predicted this week that if we are too lazy and foggy about our priorities to do the consistent, persistent work to get Letterman fired, that there will be millions more emboldened to imitate him and make our lives a hell. Bill Maher’s nasty remarks about Sarah Palin on his HBO show on Friday night prove that point.

Stop the abuse! Stop the intimidation of women! Don’t let bullies get away with attacking the innocent children of the people they hate to cow them into toeing their ideological line.

Nip it! Nip it in the bud! FIRE DAVID LETTERMAN NOW!!!

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