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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why are there no pictures of Obama smoking?

From IMAO:

Obama smokes. We know it. He’s admitted it.
WHY are there no photos of this?
this one. It’s a fake.
this one.
I mean a REAL one.
And has anyone checked Michelle’s
suspiciously-fast-growing “victory garden” for the chopped-up corpses of over-zealous paparazzi?


daddy dave said...

you know the answer to this question... it's because the media are in love with him and want to make him look good.

Stupid said...

Barrack Obama quit smoking in the spring of 2007. He has relapsed a few times since then but dont think we are talking that many cigarettes. You can bet your ass if someone managed to get a picture of him smoking it would be all over the news. Why would you even like to see him smoke?

Daddy Dave, do you think fox news tries to make him look good?