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Sunday, September 20, 2009

NY Times coverage of the ACORN scandal

For the Times and virtually every other MSM outlet, the story is about the story, not the scandal.

Weekend Opinionator: Acorn Falls, the Web Rises
By Tobin Harshaw
“Work formerly done by reporters and producers is now routinely performed by political operatives and amateur ideologues of one stripe or another, whose goal is not to educate the public but to win. This is a trend not likely to change.”

There is literally nothing in this piece about ACORN that is not already known, and a great deal that is known that is not there. The entire focus is on the videos, the two who made them and the political fallout.

There seems to be no question that the Times, at least, is not investigating ACORN, but they are investigating the O'Keefe and Giles. If this were part of a series of reports on ACORN, it would be understandable. As it is, it's simply an smokescreen to avoid reporting on ACORN.

Can anyone refer me to any Times story that adds to our understanding of what happened?

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