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Sunday, September 20, 2009

If I were a racist...

A comment by "Philip" at Townhall:

I'd stop making racist comments so no one will know.

After abstaining from racist comments for ninety days, I would pronounce myself cured of racism.

Proud of my success, I would start condemning others for their racism.

After succeeding, for a time, at pointing out the racism of others, I would impress my like-minded friends by identifying new and subtle behaviours that characterize racists so that it will be even more difficult for those evil racists to hide behind their politically correct speech.

This is easily done, because I know what thoughts, feelings, and subtle behaviours I would have if I were a racist. They are very familiar to me.

I have to admit, though.... Some of you racists out there are so good at covering it up, the only way I can tell is when you do something I wouldn't dare do. -Like saying anything bad about a black liberal.

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