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Thursday, September 17, 2009

If you wonder who the protestors on 9/12 were protesting, look no further than HERE

A million or so people gathered on Washington to protest recently and were accused of
-being a small, insignificant yet dangerous group of
-and haters.

They came from all across the country, many driving themselves rather than being bused in. Most carried home-made signs protesting profligate government spending, government intrusion into their lives and the breakneck lurch to the left being led by Team Obama.

But in a more general way they were protesting a mindset. They were tired of being abused verbally, emotionally, spiritually. They were protesting a group of people who believe they are the smartest, most enlightened people in the universe and who felt entitled to run the country and make the rules, no matter what anyone said. They were protesting the denizens if this particular thread of the Volokh Conspiracy who view them as bigoted, racist, religion ridden hicks who need to be kept down for their own good, because if the foot was ever removed from their necks, blacks, Jews and every other non-Christian group would be enslaved.

Here is the mindset they were protesting:

  • Superiority: Jews are overwhelmingly liberal and progressive: Jews are highly educated and highly educated people tend to believe in progressive values
  • Bias: Christian right's desire to base government policy, public school curricula, etc. on Christian religious doctrine.
  • Hate: You have to realize that in the last couple decades, the GOP has been swallowed by the screaming nutcases we saw on display last Saturday
  • Religious bigotry: Non-evangelicals who might blanch at hearing "jew him down" are perfectly comfortable with using "talmudic" or "pharisee" as an insult.I said that in my personal experience a greater percentage of evangelical Christians than non-evangelical Christians express anti-Semitic views. Not all evangelical Christians express those views, of course, and I never said otherwise. But based on personal experience, the percentage who do is not insubstantial.
  • Historical illiteracy: Historically, Jews who convert have been at the forefront of turning back around and literally killing those who don't.

These are the people whose like-minded compatriots teach our children, man the courts, and in general populate the halls of governmental power. This is the disdain, the smug self-regard, the unexamined bigotry that the people who came to Washington were protesting. This is only the beginning, and could well be the second American Revolution.

UPDATE: This attitude was also perfectly encapsulated by Harvard educated Barack Obama when he called Sergeant James Crowley stupid for arresting Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. Racial solidarity, cultural superiority, or a combination of both. That’s the mindset that’s bringing the people in “flyover country” into the streets.

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thisishabitforming said...

To see Madame Pelosi's tears over her fear of the temperature of the rhetoric, one might almost forget that she was one of the first flame throwers. Charges of Nazi's in referring to citizens who come to Town Hall meetings came from her; she first called the CIA a bunch of liars. The charges of racism from the likes of Jimmy Carter as the underlying cause of opposition to our Dear Leader. The same Jimmy Carter, gas shortage Jimmy, who is the favorite author of non other than Osama Bin Laden.
And now even Bill Cosby, one of my alltime favorite people, joins the ranks of those throwing out the charge of racism. I was going to say, I'm disappointed, but change that to knowing what the playing field looks like.
It is way past push back time.