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Monday, September 14, 2009

Running against the people.

It struck me as I saw the headlines from Obama’s speech in Minnesota that it was a campaign speech. And like all his previous national campaigns, he had an opponent: first Hillary Clinton, then John McCain.

Today Barack Obama is campaigning again, and this time his opponent is the American people.

The polls prove it:

That's It? That's the Bounce?
WaPo reports that in the days after Obama's speech, the Dem health care plan was opposed by a 48 to 46 margin--versus a 50-45 margin in mid-August. ... From five points down to two points down. That's all he got for playing the joint-session-prime-time-address card? Does that seem like enough to you? ... P.S.: "[S]eniors remain solidly opposed to health-care reform, and the number who think government involvement would do more harm than good continues to rise ... "

The focus of news stories from the MSM and even the blogosphere is on the issue of the political fight in Washington. But the fight is not in Washington, it never was. The fight is between Washington and the rest of the country. That's what the rally in Washington on 9/12 was all about. That's why there is so much controversy about the number of people that turned out. That's why the Left insists on portraying the people who went to Tea Parties as ignorant racist rednecks. Team Obama and his NSBers are campaigning against the people of this country.


thisishabitforming said...

Juan Williams on Fox this morning talking about the "lack of respect" shown for President Obama; he asked if these were subtle signs of racism. It seemed to him "there might be something going on out there." Does he not remember the disdain from the media and the Democrats in Congress for Bush for most of the Bush presidency. Is his vision a little clouded by his skin color? Could it be?
According to this thinking, the reason Rep. Joe Wilson said "You Lie", couldn't possibly be because Obama was lying, it has to be racism. After all Wilson is from a southern state. That is all we need to know.

Sorry but crying racism is not a winning strategy for me. I have said all along that this presidency is setting race relations back, not moving them forward. Honest criticism and questioning policy is not racism.

Question for the Great Uniter, what is uniting about the phrase
"They can't stop us!" This display reminds me of a pep rally before the big foodball game against your fiercest rival; certainly not a President dealing honestly with the legitimate concerns of a nation.

Francis W. Porretto said...

"The fight is between Washington and the rest of the country."

That's been the case since at least 1913...and probably before. The question of the hour is whether a sufficient number of Americans are now aware of that.