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Monday, September 07, 2009

Self-censoring support of cop killers

Jonah Goldberg comments on the MSM's lament by Friedman:

... the conversation between Tom Brokaw and Tom Friedman about the lessons of Van Jones was a complete scandal. One of Friedman's key take-aways from this whole affair is that too many people will self-censor themselves so they can get government jobs. What a tragedy that fewer people will support cop-killers and anti-American conspiracy groups because of poor Van Jones chilling effect on the culture.

And this from Team Obama on Jones:

I just watched David Axelrod, the top ranking political advisor in the White House, and Robert Gibbs, the President's spokesman on Meet the Press and This Week respectively. Neither of them was willing, even after repeated questioning, to offer a single negative word about Van Jones. Not one word. A 9/11 Truther and defender of Mumia-Abu Jamal is not radical enough for this White House to distance itself from the man in any way. Again and again, this White House has been offered chances to condemn the man's views and they have willfully and quite deliberately refused.

Compare this to the controversy over Lani Guinier, President Clinton's nominee to run the civil-rights division at the Justice Department. When her views came to light, president Clinton disavowed her. "This has nothing to do with the political center," Clinton insisted, "This is about my center." Who would have guessed that there's a case for saying Bill Clinton's center had more intellectual integrity than Barack Obama's?

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