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Friday, August 02, 2013


The sky is sexist

James Taranto's Best of the Web column exposes us to a self-described radical feminist whose 10-year-old daughter takes after her. Daughter is quoted as saying:

Gender stereotypes, among other injustices, infuriate her. "This is so stupid!" she sighs at Target, about the pink rows of dolls and the blue rows of Lego. "Why don't they just put a penis or a vagina on every toy so you can be completely sure you're getting the right one?"

Why are dolls pink? Well, I suppose that's because they're flesh colored. There are also brown dolls because that's also a flesh color. Are colors sexist? And is blue a masculine color? Does that mean the sky is sexist ... for being blue as opposed to some other color? And is my skin color sexist even though I am sort of pink even if I am actually male? should I be blue? As one commenter remarked:
And, so are you. I mean really, pink? You could have chosen to be yellow or orange, but nooooo, you had to be pink! How sexist of you.
It's easy to look at these people and marvel at the bizarre way they view the world around them.  But it would be wrong to dismiss them because by sheer persistence and the willingness to be loud and obnoxious they are capable of dominating the conversation and forcing everyone else to their will.

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