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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


An Isolationist Moment?

Bud Norman refers to "isolationism" as America turns against another great Obama adventure in the Middle East. But is it isolationist to say "NO" to one more war when we are already engaged around the globe? The rationale for this war is particularly muddled as Obama panders to the Left by promising that his attack isn't designed to make any difference in the Syrian civil war. To the Right he's telling us that WMDs are really horrible and that if we don't do something others will be emboldened to use them.

I think Brit Hume has it right when he opined that the Syrian strike is really about Obama saving face. It's all about him and the "red line" he thought Assad would not cross.

Norman concludes with this caveat:
"American power ... wielded so ineptly ..."

And that's really the point, isn't it? Giving Congressional approval for this upcoming fiasco is like giving the teen age son a bottle of booze and the keys to the car, after he's shown he can't drive. Because he's promised to steal it if we don't give in?   What's even worse, the kid is demanding we ride in the car with him.   

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