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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Now it can be revealed: Rodeo Clown in Obama Mask Gives Speech on August 2012 Setting a Red Line

Barack Obama told a news conference in Sweden that he did not set a red line at a news conference in August of 2012. It was actually an imposter, suspected to be a rodeo clown in an Obama mask. Chiding the global press for their credulity he said that “My credibility is not on the line.” While blaming Bush, Republicans, the Tea Party and Rush Limbaugh he also blaming the press for falling for an obvious fake. Who could believe that an actual American president would be so stupid as to paint himself and his country into a corner by making a threat that he would be unable to carry out without a single ally, except Nancy Pelosi.

To make sure that everyone go the message he swore that the clown will never work in this town again while joking that the IRS would be auditing his returns.

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