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Tuesday, December 01, 2015


What if…

WTHRead the whole thing!  (Strong language warning)

It kind of makes you wonder what kind of bubble wrap the parents of these clammy, entitled, bleating cry bullies have been wrapping them in. Pink. Large bubbles. Lined with fur. And maybe binkies and a soft blanky.

So what if we just stopped catering to these fragile flowers?

What if every time a whiny douche weasel gets publicly chafed labia over the names of Mars’ moons being too violent, we oblige by changing Phobos and Deimos (Fear and Terror) to the even more frightening Sanguis and Decollatio (Bloodshed and Beheading)?

What if the next time some entitled millennial complains about facing the same problems the rest of us face in life, but blames it on being a “person of color,” because mommy and daddy aren’t as able as those privileged whites to throw money at them like white parents supposedly do, we issued them a white, redistributionist liberal who agrees with their philosophy, if they promised to leave the rest of us alone?

What if the next time a BLM protester physically assaults a white student on a college campus by pinning her against a wall, while screaming hateful, racist epithets such as “filthy, white bitch,” the white student throat punches that screeching cunt so hard, her vocal cords fall out of her ass? Would they get the message that their color, their alleged “plight,” and their grievances do not excuse physical assault and will be returned in kind?

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