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Wednesday, January 06, 2016


This is What Grocery Shopping Was Like in The Socialist Paradise Of The SOVIET UNION (VIDEO

Millennial supporters of Bernie Sanders are too young to remember what life looked like in the Soviet Union before the fall of communism there. If you know any young Sanders backers, share this video with them.

This is what life looks like when the people trust the government to make everything fair and provide everything for free. Ultimately, everyone is equal – equally miserable.

High ranking and connected members of the ruling party don’t go hungry or compete for scraps, the people they’re claiming to help do.
You want to #FeelTheBern? This is what it looks like in real life.

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I don't watch much tv news, so as to Bernie, I have seen his crowds and heard about their enthusiasm, but I have never seen a clip of one of his speeches or put myself thru the torture of a democrat debate. I understand he thinks everything should be free. For those who agree with that, how do they think this free stuff will happen? Somebody somewhere who produces this free stuff needs to get paid, unless all money is outlawed and everyone does everything for free, why would anything ever happen?
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